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March is already here, and although Winter barely made an appearance this year, it will be Spring, at least according to the calendar, later this month.  We are amazed!

We are happy to be sharing an in-the-round Zoom concert this month for the first time with the wonderful traditional singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Henigan (  We are greatly looking forward to working with her.

Our new recording, “Wheels of Time,” is out in compact disc format, but due to both I and Phil having fallen victim to one or more of the nasty illnesses going around this Winter, the Bandcamp site for it is not yet up, but look for it very soon!  If you’re old fashioned and want to order a CD, see our PayPal me link above. The U.S. price is $20 including shipping and handling.

February Sky lives in the town of Trout Lake in Michigan's Upper Peninsula,  We are full time touring musicians. Apparently the pandemic is largely over, but we are still live-streaming concerts with geographically distant artists, as well as playing live concerts.  Please check out our appearances for details.

"I've had the delight of watching two long time friends and musicians grow a duo. I've listened to Phil Cooper for years as part of a duo/trio/ensemble, with singing partner Margaret Nelson as the constant through all those years. Phil's darlin’ Susan wrote wonderful songs, sang wacky and ribald songs she'd found elsewhere and became an ever more deft musician through those years. Now they're a duo - February Sky - and the combination of Phil's incredible repertoire of very traditional song and tune and Susan's singer-songwriter orientation and addition of her skill with other instruments have been blended into something very different than what either had done before. Same songs, or tunes from previous repertoires... but whole different flavor. Each time I see them, what they do gets tighter, deeper, more distinctive.   'Course it helps that both are thoughtful, generous people who like each other lots.   --Joanne Laessig,  Folknet, Cleveland, OH

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